What We're About: 

The Custom Hotbox customizes the consumption of smoke-able goods by making fully stocked smoking kits. These kits can come either predesigned and fully assembled, or custom designed to fit your gear.

These smoking organization kits range from small to large and contain various smoking necessities such as; pipes, lighters, grinders, chapstick, and eye drops. The boxes themselves are high quality and come smell resistant, water resistant, and fully cushioned so your gear survives even the most intense adventures. To hold all the necessities the inside of the box contains a 3D printed tray which has a custom slot for each piece. This adds a dimension of organization not matched by any of our competitors.


The Story: 

The Custom Hotbox was founded in 2018 to organize the consumption of smokable goods. The company was founded, and still operates out of Colorado. To this day no one organizes smokable goods like Hotbox does and that is why the company was started. Drones, Cameras, Laptops all have great protective packaging but why not smoking accessories? Creating the Hotbox has opened a new door for custom packaging and smokable goods. Custom Hotbox strives every day to meet the needs of the customer and leave the planet better than we found it.

The company was founded with one goal in mind:

Create a smoking kit that does not compromise on style, has all the essentials, and maximizes on usability.

Since day one every Hotbox meets the following design criteria:

  1. Three smoking essentials: The kit must be able to contain the three smoking essentials: a smoking tool, herb, and fire.
  2. Smell resistant: The kit must be smell resistant to contain the stench of the best herbs.
  3. Water resistant: being designed in Colorado means plenty of adventure. The kits are designed to withstand the elements, trust us. We’ve left them in rainstorms and dropped them in rivers.
  4. Full organization: everyone has the friend that kept all their gear in a Crown Royal bag. Well those days are over, and the kits have a custom slot for each component to make sure nothing is lost or broken.
  5. Environmentally conscious: The organizing tray in the box is made of biodegradable material because we love the Earth as much as you do.
  6. Use all the space: The bigger the kit the more items (or the bigger) fit into the kit. That is why as the boxes move up in size there are more accessories and not a single inch of wasted space.
  7. Break Resistant: With the custom slots and the foam packaging the kits are sure to withstand a hefty impact. Product testing has included: dropping it downstairs, dropping it out of a moving car, tossing it on the ground, etc.

Hotbox can ensure that no competitor offers a similar product. As discussed our products are stylish, protective and essential.


The Mission

 To customize consumption, organize lives, and leave the world better than we found it.

1. Customize Consumption

If you've ever consumed smokables you know that the more you do it, the more equipment is required. Most people start by using someone else's gear and then eventually say "well maybe I'll just get a pipe and a lighter". Pretty soon you realize that a grinder is something you can't live without and then some day you experience Rhotos for the first time. Pretty soon the essentials require a whole Crown Royal bag, old headphones case, or random container to hold it all. Our goal is to make your life less stressful by providing a fully loaded, organized and secure option for transporting your goods. 

2. Organize Lives

A famous mother once said; "an organized life is a happy life" and at Hotbox those are words to live by. Now some folks might consider us a tad OCD but a little organization never hurt no one. Thus, the desire to give people the tools to organize their lives. By organizing your smokable goods we make sure you always have the essentials in a secure and appealing container. 

3. Leave the World Better Than We Found It

This is the most important ideal we stand by. We understand our individual existence is just a blip compared to the entire human existence. We strive every day to ensure that our business prioritizes what is best for the world, and not just our company. In an era that is facing massive threats to our existence, we work to be a part of the solution and not the problem. That is why all our 3D printed parts are made of PLA which is a biodegradable and renewable material. All boxes are made of recyclable bioplastic and all goods are sourced locally, when possible. 

ALL of our products are intended for legal use only. Please check with your state and local laws for more information. You must be 21 years (18 years where applicable) or older to browse or purchase products from this website. ALL Products are intended for tobacco use only.