Q: Do the smoking kits come fully loaded? 

Yes every purchased kit comes fully stoked and ready to consume. In addition we have stock of every item we put into the kit to ensure if you ever break or lose your glass you have a cheap option to replace it with another that fits your kit. Also the kits are designed to have consumable goods that are readily available within them so once that chapstick runs dry you can simply buy another one to keep the kit fully stocked! 

Q: How do I take a picture of my gear so that Hotbox can make my order?

In order to take a picture of your gear, we need images that include all the significant details, and all the right planes. Within each picture make sure to have a scale object (such as a ruler) so the image can be appropriately scaled. In addition make sure to take images from different perspectives. The typical perspectives include top, side and front in order to make a composite image. 

Q: What happens if I break or lose my glass?

Great question! We keep a stock of the items sold in the kit so visit the Accessories product page to make sure your kit stays usable! 

Q: Where is the product made? 

The kits are assembled in beautiful Colorado. 

Q: What is the tray made out of? 

The custom designed and 3D printed components are all made out of Polylactic Acid (PLA). PLA is a thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable sources including; sugar cane, starch and corn. In 2010 PLA had the second highest consupmtion volume of any bioplastic and replacing regular plastics with biodegradable, renewable plastics is a key component of preserving our beautiful world. 


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