Small Chillum Kit

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Product Description

Sometimes we need a reminder to just relax and chill. Just breath in the fresh air, look around the beautiful world, and remember that our life is a blessing. This blessing can be enjoyed on top of a mountain, sitting by a stream, warming by a nice fire, or watching a favorite a show. Wherever you find your moments of calm this compact kit works to enhance the feelings and doesn’t weigh you down. Easily slip the smell resistant box into a pocket, center console, backpack or purse to bring the relaxation with you.

This kit comes fully loaded so that you don’t have to buy all the essentials and stuff them in a bag to try and take them along. The tray is custom designed to fit the essentials in the perfect way. Curved to every angle, filled to every depth, cut to every width, and made in the color of your choice. If you lose, misplace or break anything in the kit just check out the A-La-Carte page to order a replacement or to stock up on extras.


This order comes loaded with:

1x – Glass Chillum with a silicone sleeve (Color may vary)

1x – Herb storage container

1x – Bowl poker

1x – High quality and extra tasty Lip Balm

1x – Durable and smell resistant latchable box

1x – Form fitting product tray (color of your choice)


The following items are not included in the kit but the slots are still designed into the tray and are ready to be filled upon delivery:

1x – Mini BIC lighter


Approximate Kit Dimensions:

Length: 5 inches

Width: 3.7 inches

Height: 1.7 inches


  • 5
    Chillum Kit

    Posted by Lawrence92 on Apr 16th 2020

    I take my chillum kit with me every time I go camping. Nice to have the peace of mind I won’t lose anything. Great product.

  • 5
    Love this little guy!

    Posted by Alysa M on Apr 10th 2020

    This kit is awesome! It is compact and discreet and holds everything you need. Say goodbye to losing your lighter every three seconds

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